Mark Bejack Super User

Mark Vejack, Homebridge Financial Services

Mark’s client needed to raise her credit score from 590 to 640 – just 50 points – to have a chance for an FHA loan. Most of her debt was due to credit card balances. Mark used CreditXpert® What-If Simulator to look for ways to pay down the debt that wouldn’t require a lot of funds. He quickly saw two $500-limit credit cards that were nearly maxed out at $490 each. After simulating various actions, Mark generated a detailed plan of action for his client, explaining she just needed to pay about $275 on each card.

Within 48 hours, the borrower brought Mark proof she’d paid her credit cards down exactly as CreditXpert What-If Simulator score improvement plan specified. With that evidence in hand, Mark did a rapid rescore. After the bureaus updated, the client’s score increased by 50 points, reaching the target goal.

Mark says it takes less than 10 minutes to create a plan with CreditXpert’s easy-to-use technology. “People may think they don’t have the time,” he said. “But for me, handing the borrower that blueprint for homeownership means the difference between deal or no deal.”