Scott Jongsma, ChoiceOne Bank in Michigan

Scott met with a couple hoping to buy their first house together. With a mid-score of 717, they had all they needed to secure a loan. But Scott almost lost the deal when a competitor offered a similar rate but with slightly lower closing costs.

Using CreditXpert® software, Scott built a credit improvement plan that required paying off a student loan. The timeframe to obtain proof and update the information was tight, but the plan allowed Scott to explain to the couple exactly what they needed to do.

With the loan paid off, the credit score increased by 12 points. As a result, the couple could get a better rate – 1/8 of a percent lower than the previous offer – and Scott was able to close the loan. Now, when new referral sources ask Scott how he’s different from other lenders, he shares this success story.

Read the full success story, here.

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