CreditXpert® What-If Simulator shows the impact of removing derogatory information from a credit report, leading the way to a new home purchase.


Sheri Kagimoto, a mortgage loan originator at Aligned Mortgage Hawaii of Waipio, Oahu, was working with a client who was eager to purchase a property. But the client had two factors working against her: Outstanding student loans and derogatory medical debt were keeping her credit score too low to qualify.


Fortunately, Sheri had been working with CreditXpert solutions for several years and knew they would help her plot the best course of action. Using CreditXpert What-if Simulator, Sheri simulated the impact a reversal of the derogatory information on the student loans and deletion of the medical debt would have on the credit score. She saw that those actions would increase the credit score significantly.

Armed with that information, Sheri was then able to advise her client to investigate the medical debt by checking for errors, requesting proof of the debt and determining the age of accurate medical collection accounts. They discovered that the medical debt was due to insurance payment issues, not non-payment by the client. Working with the original creditor, the client was able to remove the medical debt from the reports.

Sheri also instructed her client to ask the student loan company to consider her for a rehabilitation program. The company agreed. After the client made the ninth payment, the derogatory student loan debt was removed from the credit report.


After the actions were completed and the derogatory information was removed from the credit report, Sheri rescored her client. The credit score had increased enough for the client to easily qualify for the loan. She moved forward with her purchase and Sheri closed the deal.

“CreditXpert What-If Simulator clearly showed the impact removing the debt would have on my client’s credit score,” said Sheri. “Being able to share that type of advice with my clients goes a long way in demonstrating the expertise and value I bring to customer relationships.”

“Sheri’s story reveals the power of CreditXpert What-If Simulator in helping mortgage loan originators actually look into the future instead of guessing,” said Tim McQuillan of CreditXpert.