CreditXpert Wayfinder

A new way to help customers improve their credit scores by an average of 27 points

Imagine how many more loans you'll close when you can provide clients with custom plans to achieve their target scores. It's not just possible—it's automatic when you use CreditXpert Wayfinder, the next generation of CreditXpert® Essentials.

With Wayfinder, you get an intuitive interface, plus new features such as trying multiple options, viewing likelihood of success and ability to easily share the plan with your client. That means it's easier than ever to get a credit improvement plan that works for you and your client.


Deliver the right plan

Wayfinder's smart algorithm and
new features make it easier than
ever to create a step-by-step
credit improvement plan that
works for you and your client.

Close more loans

Assisting clients with
addressable credit issues
increased sales
volume, pull-through
and revenue.

Delight your customers

Helping increase credit
scores and get into the
right loan means
happy customers...and
more referrals.

See for yourself how easy it is to get the right plan with CreditXpert Wayfinder — so you can concentrate on making customers' dreams come true.

All CRAs offer many of the CreditXpert suite of products. CreditXpert Wayfinder is available on the CRA list below as of January 20, 2020.  Please reach out to your CRA if you don’t see them on the list, and continue to use CreditXpert Essentials until Wayfinder is available through your CRA.


Advantage Credit

Advantage Credit Bureau (ND)

Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, Inc. (AZ)

Alliance 2020

Alorica (Formerly EGS Global Solutions, Inc.)

American Reporting Company


Birchwood Credit Services

Certified Credit Reporting

CIC Mortgage Credit Inc.

CIS Information Services


Cleara Choice Credit


Credit Data Corp

Credit Information Systems (IA)

Credit Plus

Credit Technologies

Credit Technology

Data Facts Inc.

Factual Data

Informative Research

Kewanee Credit Bureau/KCB Information Services

Merchants Information Solution

MFI Credit Solutions

Midwest Mortgage Credit Services, Inc.


Online Information Services, Inc.

Partners Credit and Verification

Premium Credit Bureau


Service 1st Information Systems/Credit Data Solutions


Strategic Information Resources, Inc.

United One Resources

Universal Credit

Nearly one-half of consumers have a credit score of 700 or lower. That’s a huge universe. Improving their scores into the next score category can lower loan-level pricing adjustments for these customers by 50 basis points or more—saving them an average of over $30 per month per $100K borrowed. And that can be what makes the dream of homeownership a reality.

Users report a number of bottom-line benefits to working with CreditXpert, including these top three:

Increased revenue. Closing more sub-optimal or borderline loan prospects can make a huge difference in your numbers. Wayfinder makes it easier to help borrowers with fixable short-term credit problems.

Healthier referral relationships. Have the confidence to take on riskier referrals. Demonstrate to clients across the credit spectrum that you’re someone they can count on. Even if they can’t get approved today, they’ll come back when their credit picture improves.

No guesswork. Now you don’t have to depend on outdated rules of thumb or, worse yet, turn your clients over to credit repair agencies that may not have their best interests at heart. Wayfinder gives you an action plan you can print and hand directly to your clients so you can be confident they’ll know exactly what to do.

Each plan includes a confidence level that shows you the statistical likelihood that your client will attain the target score if they follow the specific steps shown.

Think of Wayfinder as the next generation of Essentials—a free upgrade with an improved user interface that makes it easier to get the information you need even faster. You don’t need to be a credit scoring expert—or have any previous experience using Essentials—to begin benefiting from Wayfinder right away.

Help more customers.

Close more loans.

Keep more business.

Generate more referrals.

You don’t need to be a “credit expert.”
Just use CreditXpert Wayfinder.

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