About CreditXpert

What we do and why we do it.

When it comes to clearing the way for home ownership, sometimes even the experts need experts. So we work behind the scenes to empower the lending community with the insights to make loan approvals happen. We’re forever seeking ways to make our highly personalized credit management tools, optimization solutions, and user experiences even better.

As a result, more consumers are qualifying for mortgages at a rate they can afford, and thousands of loan officers, mortgage lenders, and resellers are better serving their customers while becoming more profitable.

Our core values

We care about each person and put people before profit. Respect and life balance are important to us.

Continuous Improvement
We improve every day by welcoming change and being agile, flexible, and curious.

We help make a better world by giving back and making a difference.

We strive for excellence; good enough is not acceptable. We are experts and take pride in the quality of our work.

We do what’s right for our clients, partners, each other, and the company.

We succeed or fail as a group, not as individuals. We exemplify trust and humility. We have fun together.

We have a bias for action so we can learn faster and impact people sooner​​​.