About CreditXpert

About Us

Dave Chung and Thierry Marbach co-founded CreditXpert more than 20 years ago. The big idea: make mortgage credit scores transparent and actionable by lenders and their borrowers. Understanding credit, and what drives a score, ensures borrowers are “credit-ready” when they find their new home.

We pioneered the idea that credit scores shouldn’t just happen to people.  Borrowers have a right to understand the significant impact their score has on what is likely the biggest transaction of their lives.  More importantly, we want to empower borrowers to improve their score and secure the best rates and terms.   Homeownership, to us, is serious business.

CreditXpert works with the top lenders in the country to put credit first, at the time of origination. Our AI-driven analytics answer complex credit score questions for all borrowers, regardless of credit score. The suggestions made by our technology lead to real, lasting credit score improvement. Borrowers save money by securing better rates and terms. Lenders are able to offer a differentiated service and improve their profitability by increasing the percentage of loans that make it to the closing table. Everyone wins.

Talk with us today about how to leverage credit scores to differentiate your mortgage offering, and close more loans.

CreditXpert Leadership Team


Jim Hemmer, CEO
Jim joined CreditXpert in 2020 with a proven track record in building businesses that drive value for customers, employees, and shareholders. His goals at CreditXpert are first and foremost to further the mission of helping families realize their dream by making homeownership affordable and accessible for all and to expand the impact CreditXpert can have by building new capabilities for mortgage loan originators and credit experts to assist borrowers.

Here the latest from Jim on the Fintech Hunting podcast.


Renata Sheyner, VP of Product

Renata joined CreditXpert in 2020 with over 15 years of experience in product management and operations leadership in fintech, media and travel industries. She works to align the strategic direction and product roadmap based on customer needs in delivery of new or enhanced product solutions.

Renata is focused on building a team of product leaders with the skills needed to support and expand our products well into the future. She sees CreditXpert as a key contributor to economic growth and champion for the communities we serve.


Mike Darne, VP of Marketing

Mike joined CreditXpert in early 2021 with over 20 years of brand and marketing leadership experience at companies like Marriott, Capital One and Sallie Mae. He also spent several years leading growth marketing for early and late-stage tech companies.

Mike is excited about the impact that credit transparency will have on millions of existing and prospective homeowners.


Matt Hydrew, VP of Sales & Client Success

Matt has worked for over 16 years to digitize the mortgage process with supporting technologies. He now leads CreditXpert efforts to maximize client success and ensure even more lenders can help more borrowers and increase profitability with our software.

Matt sees the potential for borrowers gaining more insights and transparency on their credit score and lenders having better tools to help borrowers get approved. It truly is a win-win for all involved when his sales and client success team can demonstrate how CreditXpert tools have a unique and lasting impact for all involved in mortgage lending.


Raj Parekh, VP of New Market Development

Raj recently joined CreditXpert with more than 15 years senior sales & entrepreneurial executive experience in building startup companies, managing sales, marketing, and operations. He has demonstrated an exceptional ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements, identify opportunities, and develop innovative solutions for enhancing competitiveness that leads to increased market share and revenue.

Raj is focused on identifying ways CreditXpert technology can be widely accessible so more consumers can experience the dream of homeownership.