creditxpert leadership team

CEO Jim Hemmer (left), VP of Product Renata Sheyner (top right) and VP of Sales Matt Hydrew (bottom right)

Our team has been growing and changing over the past year. Several remarkable people – such as CEO Jim Hemmer, VP of Product Renata Sheyner and VP of Sales Matt Hydrew – have joined us to help provide you with the best mortgage tools and expertise. We (virtually) sat down with our new leadership team and asked for their insights on a few key questions. Check out their answers below to get to know them better and see what’s down the road at CreditXpert.


Q: Share with us an insight about your professional background that is unique or will have a unique impact on CreditXpert.

Jim Hemmer, CEO: My background is building businesses that drive value for customers, employees and shareholders. Those interests aren’t always aligned so it’s important to focus on all three. I have built businesses in several different market segments including financial services and love spending time with customers to help them solve problems and achieve success. This is an incredibly exciting time to join CreditXpert.

Renata Sheyner, VP of Product: I started my career in finance and financial consulting after receiving my MBA in international business and finance. More than 20 years ago, I moved into product management and delivery. Since then, I’ve led multi-functional and geographically dispersed teams to deliver high-value, high-impact product to key markets. My passion is to understand customers’ business needs and use technology to solve their challenges. Armed with that insight, I’m eager to build and evolve CreditXpert solutions to support our customers’ ongoing business success.

Matt Hydrew, VP of Sales: I’ve spent over 15 years working to digitize the mortgage process with supporting technologies. Understanding the full value chain and how people, process and technology are linked together to create a good borrower experience and a scalable, efficient lender sales and operating model is something I really enjoy. With my broad background, I understand these technologies as well as various lenders and the supporting businesses that make up the residential finance market. I see a clear vision of where CreditXpert fits into this value chain and how it can really help both borrowers and lenders alike.  


Q: What are your long-term goals at CreditXpert?

Jim Hemmer: My goals at CreditXpert are first and foremost to continue to build on the fabulous foundation constructed by co-founders Dave Chung and Thierry Marbach and the team, and to carry on the wonderful culture and mission focused on helping families realize their dream by making homeownership affordable and accessible for all. I would also like to expand our impact by building new capabilities for loan originators and credit experts to assist borrowers. There are a number of areas in the lending process that we can positively impact.  And finally, to help our employees realize their potential and lay the path for them to achieve greatness in all they do.

Renata Sheyner: I want to build products that support our mission, as well as a platform for all parties to seamlessly communicate throughout the process. I also want to optimize the best usability and functionality among current CreditXpert products into a holistic experience, with a focus on user design. Another goal of mine is to address product gaps and continue building tools that have clear value. 

Matt Hydrew: Ultimately my goal is to grow the business. I’ve had the pleasure of helping two different organizations grow exponentially in supporting the mortgage market. I’d love for CreditXpert to be another success story to not just grow the business but also to continue being a great place to work!


Q: What appealed to you about working at CreditXpert?

Jim Hemmer: What appealed to me is the mission-driven mindset of the founders and employees. I’m a fanatic for focusing on the customer and that culture is very evident here at CreditXpert. I want to continue building both a strong go-to-market strategy and customer success culture for CreditXpert.

Renata Sheyner: The team! Second, CreditXpert focuses on a mission that is very meaningful to me by using technology and software to enable and streamline a complex process.

Matt Hydrew: I see so much potential in the organization. It’s great technology and the mortgage markets need to be more aware of CreditXpert’s tools. There is no reason for any organization that produces mortgages to not use CreditXpert and for that I see so much room to grow.


Q: From your perspective, how do CreditXpert tools impact the mortgage industry?

Jim Hemmer: CreditXpert tools help everyone win! Credit agencies, lenders, loan originators and borrowers all derive great value and benefit from mortgage professionals using our products. We have a mission to help all families achieve the dream of homeownership and it is fulfilling to see our products drive that outcome every day.  

Renata Sheyner: We connect people – loan originators/mortgage professionals and borrowers – and help them see the opportunity and possibility. We help professionals build plans to help borrowers get the best programs to obtain their homes.

Matt Hydrew: Very rarely can you find a common thread of truly doing the right thing and it being absolutely accretive to the bottom line. Borrowers need more insights and transparency on their credit and lenders need better tools to help borrowers get approved. It truly is a win-win for all involved and for that I find CreditXpert tools to be very unique and impactful.  


Q: Is there anything you would like to add that we didn’t ask about?

Jim Hemmer: As part of our extended mission, we hope to not only make homeownership affordable for families but also help the broader community here in Baltimore. We want to be a company that contributes to the economy and the greater community through our values, service and contributions.

Renata Sheyner: CreditXpert is driven by our mission to increase home ownership. I am building a team of product leaders with the skills needed to support and expand our products well into the future. I see CreditXpert as a key contributor to economic growth and champion for the communities we serve.

Matt Hydrew: I am so curious to see how the mortgage markets evolve and the impact of technologies like CreditXpert on the evolution of the mortgage process. I see CreditXpert finding new ways to distribute our technology and also getting more borrowers access. It will be interesting to see our organization grow and evolve with the “new” ways of doing business.

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