We’re focused on meeting your needs in this uncertain landscape. The COVID-19 crisis is challenging for everyone, but it’s affecting our industry in a unique way. While we’ve faced economic downturns in the past, the current situation is vastly different than anything most of us have experienced before.

We know you’re working around the clock – and probably even remotely from home – to keep up with the influx of refi and mortgage applications. We also know that the credit score requirements for some lenders have changed, putting certain clients at risk who previously qualified but may no longer. When you’re stretched thin, efficiency is crucial. You can quickly automate a credit improvement plan for your borrowers with CreditXpert® Wayfinder, which delivers personalized step-by-step instructions that can be easily shared. In these uncertain financial times, clients need your help getting the best rate possible now more than ever.

If you don’t have access to CreditXpert Wayfinder, reach out to us at info@creditxpert.com. Remember to take care of yourself in these stressful times. You’re doing great work and we’re proud to be a part of it.