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Super User Spotlight: Scott Jongsma, ChoiceOne Bank in Michigan

By CreditXpert | December 7, 2019

Scott met with a couple hoping to buy their first house together. With a mid-score of 717, they had all they needed to secure a loan. But Scott almost lost the deal when a competitor offered a similar rate but with slightly lower closing costs. Using CreditXpert® software, Scott built a credit improvement plan that required…

Wayfinder demo from CreditXpert

CreditXpert® Wayfinder™ – Xpert demo from Rosa

By CreditXpert | November 27, 2019

Rosa Mumm, CreditXpert’s Product Support Manager, demonstrates how CreditXpert Wayfinder automatically finds the best combination of actions borrowers can take to improve their credit scores. The result: Mortgage loan originators can develop a solid plan – without being an expert. Find out how.

Success Story: Sheri

By CreditXpert | October 30, 2019

CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™ shows the impact of removing derogatory information from a credit report, leading the way to a new home purchase. THE CHALLENGE Sheri Kagimoto, a mortgage loan originator at Aligned Mortgage Hawaii of Waipio, Oahu, was working with a client who was eager to purchase a property. But the client had two factors…

Success Story: Rod

By CreditXpert | October 15, 2019

SUCCESS STORY: The path to a new vacation home becomes clear with CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™. THE SOLUTION Rod convinced the client to reconsider, explaining that he believed he could find a way to help the client improve his credit score. He recommended that the client proceed with the application while Rod developed a plan of…

Sean Bunevich, Union Savings Bank

Success Story: Sean

By CreditXpert | October 15, 2019

SUCCESS STORY: A mortgage loan originator uses CreditXpert® What-if Simulator™ to unlock a 100-point score increase. THE CHALLENGE Sean Bunevich, a mortgage loan originator with Union Savings Bank in Ohio, was working with a customer who wanted to refinance her FHA loan to avoid paying mortgage insurance (PMI). She was confident her score was high…

Success Story: Scott

By CreditXpert | October 15, 2019

SUCCESS STORY: A mortgage loan officer beats the competition, using CreditXpert® to help borrower improve score, get a better rate and save money. THE CHALLENGE A mortgage loan originator, Scott Jongsma with ChoiceOne Bank in Michigan, began working with a young newlywed couple referred to him by their real-estate agent, a longtime referral source. The…

Success Story: Warren

By CreditXpert | October 15, 2019

SUCCESS STORY: CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™ helps a customer-focused team tackle a challenging loan to open the door to a first home. THE CHALLENGE Warren Alcorn, branch manager and team lead of Alcorn Mortgage Team at TruLoan Mortgage in Athens, Georgia and 28-year mortgage industry veteran, had a client who wanted to buy his first home.…

CreditXpert in the Scotsman Guide

Check us out in Scotsman Guide!

By CreditXpert | October 4, 2019

Did you read the August issue of Scotsman Guide? Our product support manager Rosa Mumm clears up common credit score myths in her article, “Hit the High Score.” Flip through the print edition – or check it out online – to learn how to set your borrowers up for success.

Sean Bunevich, Union Savings Bank

Super User Spotlight: Sean Bunevich, Union Savings Bank in Ohio

By CreditXpert | October 4, 2019

Sean’s customer wanted to refinance her FHA loan to avoid paying PMI. But her credit score wasn’t as high as she expected, so her refinancing plan no longer made sense. Before breaking the bad news, Sean took a closer look at her credit report and discovered an old $80.00 collection fee. He used CreditXpert® What-if Simulator™ and learned…