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Xpert Tip: CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™ “Last Reported” feature helps when rescores take longer than usual

By CreditXpert | April 28, 2020

Are rescores taking longer than usual? Learn a potential workaround from Rosa Mumm, our product support manager, using the CreditXpert What-If Simulator “Last Reported” feature and other insights:

Xpert Insights: How does forbearance impact the credit score?

By CreditXpert | April 24, 2020

How does forbearance impact credit scores? This is the top question we’ve received from mortgage professionals lately. Rosa Mumm, our product support manager, has the insights:

Maximize your team, get a competitive edge

By CreditXpert | April 15, 2020

While no one knows for sure what the future holds for our industry, it’s important to prepare and act with purpose. We put together a central DIY resource to help lenders do just that. Our Xpert Credit Process training materials help you implement the efficient system Dave recommended to readers of National Mortgage Professional Magazine. All it takes to start…

Spotlight: Industry perspectives from Dave Chung, co-founder

By CreditXpert | April 12, 2020

NMP Magazine’s Q&A with CreditXpert®: COVID-19 and beyond What will the mortgage industry look like after COVID-19? What steps can lenders make now to optimize resources, stay competitive and sustain their business in the long-term? Our co-founder Dave Chung recently shared his perspective in a Q&A with National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

Credit Tip: How do mortgage inquiries impact scores?

By CreditXpert | April 10, 2020

We know you get asked this a lot by your clients (and we do, too!). Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are four fast facts to remember next time a borrower asks you about the relationship between mortgage inquiries and credit scores: Mortgage inquiries aren’t factored into credit scores until they’re over 30 days old –…

Xpert Insights: Does the comment “Impacted by natural or declared disaster” impact the score?

By CreditXpert | April 8, 2020

You’ve seen the comment “Impacted by natural or declared disaster” on your borrowers’ credit reports — but how does that affect their score? Our product support manager Rosa Mumm has the answer:

Balancing consumer demand in challenging times

By CreditXpert | April 2, 2020

We’re focused on meeting your needs in this uncertain landscape. The COVID-19 crisis is challenging for everyone, but it’s affecting our industry in a unique way. While we’ve faced economic downturns in the past, the current situation is vastly different than anything most of us have experienced before. We know you’re working around the clock –…

Xpert Insights: Using CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™ to navigate score requirement changes.

By CreditXpert | April 2, 2020

Do you have borrowers at risk of no longer qualifying for mortgage loans due to recent score requirement changes? Rosa Mumm, our product support manager, explains how focusing on external collections may help you reach a new target credit score:

Super User Spotlight: You!

By CreditXpert | March 22, 2020

We love seeing the amazing ways mortgage loan originators use our tools to make clients’ homeownership dreams a reality. In fact, we’re gathering examples to use in Super User spotlights, case studies and more. Do you have an outstanding success story that demonstrates how utilizing CreditXpert’s solutions made a big impact on a client outcome? If so, we want…

Credit Tip: When it comes to credit scores, time matters!

By CreditXpert | March 15, 2020

Many people assume the passage of time always helps the credit score. However, about 30% of all mortgage applicants experience a score decline during the next calendar month due to information already in the credit report. Here are a few examples: Changing scorecards. Age of accounts is a key factor to determine the credit scorecard.…