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Xpert Insights: Are medical collection accounts treated differently?

By CreditXpert | August 11, 2020

Do medical collection accounts impact a homebuyer’s credit score differently than other collection accounts? Get the facts from Product Support Manager Rosa Mumm in our new “Xpert Insights” video.

Five tips and tricks for CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™

By CreditXpert | August 10, 2020

Many mortgage loan originators regularly utilize CreditXpert® tools such as CreditXpert What-If Simulator™ to help their clients qualify for a loan or get the best rate possible. Whether you’re a super user or you just recently gained access to our software, there are some useful features you may not know about. Each month, we share product…

Scotsman Guide image

Mortgage inquiries & credit score impact: Learn more in Scotsman Guide!

By CreditXpert | August 8, 2020

We’re often asked how mortgage inquiries impact a borrower’s credit score. Rosa Mumm, our product support manager and “Xpert Insights” guru, shares the details in Scotsman Guide’s August issue. Bonus: It includes an FAQ you can use the next time a client asks you this question. Read it online or flip to page 44 of…

Mark Bejack Super User

Super User Spotlight: Mark Vejack, HomeBridge Financial Services in NYC

By CreditXpert | August 4, 2020

Mark’s client needed to raise her credit score from 590 to 640 – just 50 points – to have a chance for an FHA loan. Most of her debt was due to credit card balances. Mark used CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™ to look for ways to pay down the debt that wouldn’t require a lot of…

Rosa Mumm shares Credit Insights

Xpert Insights: Revolving utilization: Is 50% really the magic number?

By Rosa Mumm | August 3, 2020

Is 50% really the magic number for revolving utilization? In the latest Xpert Insights video, our product support manager Rosa Mumm reveals the best ways your clients can optimize revolving utilization for score improvement.

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Meet our new team members

By CreditXpert | August 2, 2020

CreditXpert is growing! We’re excited to introduce you to our two newest team members: Jisoo Lee and Penelope White. As our new machine learning engineer, Jisoo takes a deep dive into our software and analytics to enhance existing products and develop new ones that you can use to get your clients the loan or best…

Rosa Mumm from CreditXpert

Xpert Insights: Score implications when paying off a charged-off account

By Rosa Mumm | July 29, 2020

How does paying off a charged-off account impact the credit score? It may be different than you think. Rosa Mumm, our product support manager, sets the record straight in the latest Xpert Insights video.

Xpert Insights: Do authorized user accounts impact the score differently?

By Rosa Mumm | July 14, 2020

Xpert Insights: If an account is in dispute, is it considered by the credit score?

By Rosa Mumm | July 13, 2020

Fact or myth? If an account is in dispute, it isn’t considered by the credit score. Our product support manager Rosa Mumm has the answer.

Q&A: Meet Renata Sheyner, our new VP of product!

By CreditXpert | July 8, 2020

As we celebrate 20 years developing innovative solutions for the mortgage industry, we’re excited to continue growing and evolving for many years to come. In that spirit, we’re happy to introduce you to our new VP of Product, Renata Sheyner! Sharing our vision for the ways CreditXpert tools can be used, Renata will lead strategic…