As we celebrate 20 years developing innovative solutions for the mortgage industry, we’re excited to continue growing and evolving for many years to come. In that spirit, we’re happy to introduce you to our new VP of Product, Renata Sheyner!

Sharing our vision for the ways CreditXpert tools can be used, Renata will lead strategic direction with 15+ years of experience developing and advancing products. Aligning with our team’s emphasis on the user experience, she will work to understand your needs, helping us ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Learn more about Renata in our quick Q&A!

Q: What is your background in product?
A: I have 15+ years of experience in product management and operations leadership in fintech, media and travel industries. I work closely with the leadership team to align to business needs and actively focus on the market to find new opportunities as well as optimize the product lines already in market.

Q: What appealed to you about working at CreditXpert?
A: The team! I’m eager to join, lead and contribute in a meaningful way. Also, I really believe in the mission to make homeownership a reality for everyone and think that it’s a competitive advantage that sets us apart.

Q: What are some fun facts about yourself outside of the work environment?
A: I have six kids and three dogs (no kidding)… and a fish. I’m an early riser so I can get some things done in the “stillness” of the day while everyone is still sleeping. Also, I run (almost) every day, I’ve lived on four continents, and English is not my first language.