Sheri Kagimoto, Aligned Mortgage in Hawaii

Sheri’s client was eager to purchase a property, but her credit score was too low to qualify for a loan due to outstanding student loans and derogatory medical debt.

Using CreditXpert® What-If Simulator, Sheri discovered that deleting the medical debt and reversing the derogatory information on the student loans would significantly increase the credit score.

Her client investigated the medical debt and saw it was due to insurance payment issues, not non-payment on her part. She had the original creditor remove it from her credit report. For the student loans, Sheri had her client pursue a rehabilitation program with the loan company. After her ninth payment, this derogatory debt was also removed.

With a higher credit score, Sheri’s borrower easily qualified for the loan. Having the right tools on her side helped Sheri close the deal.

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