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creditxpert ceo jim hemmer featured on MBANow

CreditXpert CEO Jim Hemmer on MBANow

By CreditXpert | May 11, 2021

This month, CreditXpert CEO Jim Hemmer was featured on MBANow to discuss how CreditXpert is making home ownership more accessible to potential borrowers. “It’s the right thing to do for borrowers and the business.” Watch the video below to hear from Jim about why “everyone wins” when lenders use CreditXpert tools, why lenders should take…

Process Automation and Standardization, Part Two

By Renata Sheyner | May 6, 2021

Earlier this year Renata Sheyner, CreditXpert’s VP of Product, shared her insights on automating the lending process in the first installment of a three-part series for the Progress in Lending Association. In this second installment, Renata discusses the impact of keeping borrowers credit-ready in today’s tight lending market: Last month, I recommended that now is…

Webinar: Credit-ready Borrowers Close Faster!

By CreditXpert | May 3, 2021

Credit-Readiness helps you close more loans. It also helps you build stronger relationships with borrowers that lead to future loans and more referrals. Watch the webinar replay below, featuring our VP of Sales and Client Success, Matt Hydrew, and our guest, Todd Worthington, from Bank of England Mortgage as they share credit score improvement insights…

Xpert Insights: CreditXpert: Credit Score Improvement Explainer

By Rosa Mumm | April 14, 2021

What’s the difference between credit repair and credit score improvement? In this video, product support manager Rosa Mumm helps uncover the difference between dispute-based credit repair tactics, which are typically short-term, artificial inflations of the credit score, and CreditXpert’s specific, reputable credit management actions. It’s a two-minute video packed with information that will help any…

How lenders can help borrowers improve their credit score

By CreditXpert | April 9, 2021

It’s no secret credit scores can hinder a potential borrower’s ability to qualify for the best loan program, which can ultimately lead to poor borrower satisfaction. At HousingWire’s 2021 Annual Spring Summit, CreditXpert VP of Sales and Client Success Matt Hydrew and Todd Worthington, director of qualification support at Bank of England, discussed top-of-the-funnel strategies lenders can use to help…

Fintech Hunting Podcast

Did you hear CEO Jim Hemmer on the Fintech Hunting podcast? 

By CreditXpert | April 7, 2021

Michael Hammond interviewed CreditXpert CEO, Jim Hemmer, on the 30-minute Fintech Hunting podcast last week. Jim discussed the current state of mortgage lending and ways that lenders can help borrowers get and stay credit-ready. Specific topics covered include: The impact of low inventory on lending and credit scores How credit-readiness helps lenders reduce lead fallout…

Credit-readiness tips in a changing market

By CreditXpert | March 22, 2021

In today’s tight housing market, you face the heroic challenge of working with your borrowers to access the best loan deal. There are many factors that you need to consider.  Additionally, the home-buying process for your borrowers is more likely to become extended, since they are struggling with finding the home of their dreams. During…

A Conversation with CreditXpert’s Renata Sheyner for HousingWire

By Renata Sheyner | March 15, 2021

Recently, CreditXpert’s VP of Product, Renata Sheyner, spoke with HousingWire to discuss the ways in lenders can benefit from embracing technology in a competitive environment. Read the full interview below to find out why she believes we should continue developing new technology for the mortgage industry, 2020’s impact, and what we are doing here at…

Image text: MBA Newslink featured Incubate, Not Originate! by: Matt Hydrew, VP of Sales

Matt Hydrew, VP of Sales: Incubate, Not Originate!

By Matt Hydrew | March 12, 2021

CreditXpert’s Matthew Hydrew shares his expertise on closing leads in an article for the Mortgage Bankers Association. Read the article here to find out why he believes that lenders should focus on incubating, not originating, to get the most out of each lead.

Taking Control in 2021 as published in Progress in Lending Association

By Matt Hydrew | March 5, 2021

Matt Hydrew, CreditXpert’s VP of Sales and Client Success, gives insight on how a year like 2020 affects mortgage lending in an article for the Progress in Lending Association. Keep reading to learn what makes the mortgage lending business tick, and how you can take control of lead fall-out with a six-point plan: The mortgage…